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5 Easy Home Grooming Steps To  Keep Your Pet’s Springtime Shed Under Control

5 Easy Home Grooming Steps To  Keep Your Pet’s Springtime Shed Under Control

The Dreaded Springtime Shed

Springtime is the time for many wonderful things, warmer weather, outdoor activities, flowers and trees blooming.It is also the time for some not so wonderful things, such as the dreaded Springtime shed! Some pets shed worse than others, however, most tend to shed more in general in the spring. These tips will help you keep the fur under control and your beloved companion looking and feeling great!

1. Bath

The first step is to give your pet a bath and fully dry them. It is much easier to remove the dead skin and fur/hair if they are clean and dry. If your pets have mats because of longer fur, you will have to try to brush these out first. If you cannot get them out,(or get them out without hurting them) make sure that the skin around and under the knots is completely dry. During the bath make sure that they are wet down to the skin. Apply the shampoo and be sure to scrub and rinse them well. Shampoo left behind can cause dry itchy skin. I know for some of you this is easier said then done. If there is no way you can bathe your pet that is alright. You can make a quick homemade dry shampoo to help remove the dander and grease. Once you have done this and they are completely dry we can move on to step 2. It’s easier I promise.

2. Brushing

Cleaning off slicker brush with comb, cleaning off brush during grooming
Clean out slicker brush when gets full.

The second step is important to the springtime shed and is easier than the first one for most. Pets usually like, if not love to be, brushed. What you may not know is that the type of brush you use makes a big difference. The brush that works the best on all types of fur/hair is a slicker brush. They sell them in a few sizes at most pet and department stores. It looks like it may hurt them but it won’t if you are mindful of your pressure. Applying pressure as if you were brushing your own hair is good. You will probably have to stop and clean out the brush a couple of times depending on the size of your pet and the length of their fur. Brush your pet until there is a much less fur coming off in the brush. For long-haired pets this step will require an undercoat rake and THEN the slicker brush. Again, please be careful of the pressure with the rake. You do not want to scratch their skin.

3. The Zoom Groom

zoom groom at the end of a pet grooming, zoom groom brush is awesome!
Zoom Groom, As you can see mine is well used.

Not only is this fun to say, but this thing is amazing!! Step 3 is a tool that should be on every pet owners must have list. It is easy to use, gentle, and effective. As a groomer the Zoom Groom is one of my most used tools. It is rubber brush type tool that just attracts the fur like a vacuum! You think you got a lot of fur off your pet with the slicker brush well….hold on, you are in for a surprise. One of the great parts of this tool is you can’t hurt them with it. You can even go against the grain of the fur. Again, “brush” your  pet until it is removing little fur. It is particularly useful on the belly and legs where  you can’t really get a lot of fur off with a slicker brush. It is less effective on long-haired pets though still useful on their legs and belly’s.

4. Re dry them.

The fourth step is the quickest. Whatever method you used previously to dry your pet (or remove the Dry shampoo), blow dryer, Wet/Dry vac on exhaust, leaf blower ha ha…re-blow your fur-baby. This will simply blow off all the excess fur that is still sticking to them. Now at this point they are clean, dry, and minus a lot of fur. If you have pet appropriate cologne now would be the time to apply it. Now that your pets Springtime shed is under control for the next few weeks…..This part of the groom is over…now for the fun!

5. Snuggle time!

Ok….Ok…you caught me this isn’t grooming step. But….it is by far, the best and easiest part of this post!! Now is the time to get close, cuddle them, smother them in kisses and rub their and ears and bellies!! Do they have a favorite activity or toy?  Take them for a ride and get them ice cream, or to the park to play fetch or frisbee.  It’s Springtime after all! Enjoy!

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